You always have power.

Power to reframe your questions.
Power to investigate answers.
Power to take action.
Power to pause.
Power to breathe.
Power to think.

Language is important. It tells a story. What story are you telling with your language? And are you believing it?

What is your story telling your company and employees? What does it tell your clients?

Distinctions can reveal unacknowledged choice points:

Are you pleasing people or serving them?
Are you communicating with people or merely talking at them?
Are you hoping for a new result or are you creating a new result?
Are you having your feelings or are they having you?
Are you hitting your goals or are you missing them?

If you do not realize you have it, your power is useless.
If you are wasting it on things that are not important to you, your power is ineffective.

Together, we can shift all that. You can make more powerful choices. You can create new results.