You won’t find a menu here, a pre-set list of packages. Each of my clients has a completely custom-built coaching program. We design it together, after we’ve had extensive conversations and are both certain that we fit well together to create a powerful, meaningful, life-changing coaching experience for you.

We nail down your desired goal with laser focus. And we build the program to get you there.

If you want to build a business from scratch, your program will look different than if you want to strengthen your confidence as a leader. You get my drift.

I know. You’re still wondering what these packages look like. Here are some examples, but nothing says the one we design for you has to look like any of these:

  • One time, one-on-one four day retreat camping and hiking
  • Weekly coaching calls for six months, with two day long retreats in the middle
  • Coaching calls every other week for six months
  • Monthly day-long retreats
  • Daily text message accountability check ins plus coaching on an on-call, as needed basis
  • Two week ride-along (I shadow you at work) and we debrief and coach after each day around your goal

The first step is always the same: a call where we deliver as much meaningful value to you as we can. No fee. No sales. No pressure. If you want to connect for one of these conversations, contact me using this form.

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